Hey, I brought in this World by 3 wise men on the
13th Day of Feb, 2K16 with a Vision at a Coffee House

Innobles is not a single mind concept. Innobles is a collective thought.

We understand the challenges technology has brought to us and the society today. We, at Innobles, are trying to use the same technology benefitting the society. Use of technology should be hassle free and this is our aim. We aim to provide one stop solution for challenges brought to us. We understand, conceptualize, empathize and collaborate to give you a Smart Solution to problems.

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What time kids are reporting to school? Is there any cab running late? What’s the frequency? What’s the school’s attendance? (both as a School and as per class) Upcoming school activity. Print the agenda and paste in each kids almanac. Is that the fastest way? What’s the kids medical history?